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Zakynthos excursions & boat trips

Zakynthos island tours and cruises, Zante boat trips and excursions

Our VIP tours are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder and experience pure relaxation with our unique “off the beaten track” formula, that creates fun in the sun VIP tours with great value for money. We hope to share with Zante holiday-makers the natural beauty and local culture that makes Zakynthos island so special. Our goal for you is to return home with the same butterflies and excitement that has inspired us here for years.

Thank you for your interest in our unique tours! For years we are the Zakynthos tour specialist. Discover Zakynthos with a Nefis Travel tour! Whether you’re just wanting to rest and do nothing, or discover a lot of things, everything is possible during a holiday on Zante!

We can create a customized and nice variety of excursions in an excursion package. We offer a different variety of unique excursions on your holiday island of Zakynthos.

We know the most beautiful undiscovered places. Our Nefis Travel team has a very professional and enthusiastic approach and we will make every effort to meet your travel and tour needs, to create the most beautiful Zakynthos and Zante holiday memories.

We have a unique BOOK NOW – PAY LATER policy!

Have you already made your choice? Then please use our booking form to book your desired tour package. We will contact you shortly after receiving your request to confirm the booking.

Payment can be done on ticket(s) delivery at your holiday address by one of our Nefis team members (as long as you arrive at least 24 hours before the departure of the tour). If you are staying in Planos – Tsilivi we then kindly ask to pick up your tickets in one of the 2 Nefis offices close to your accommodation.

We arrange free transfers from nearly all the Zakynthos resorts, so you can easily participate at a Nefis group or private tour, which are guarantee for an unforgettable day out on Zante!

We hope to welcome you on our beautiful island of Zakynthos!

Jackie and the Nefis Travel Team

Shipwreck and Blue Caves


The Shipwreck & Blue Caves boat trip is a Zakynthos holiday highlight. On this island tour you will enjoy some of the most famous sights in Zante. The excursion begins early in the morning. As we move to the mountains, we will take in the majestic views of the Ionian Sea and authentic villages along the way. Our first stop will be at Agios Nicolas harbor, where you can grab a coffee and some breakfast before we board the speedboats for the Shipwreck Bay and the Blue Caves. As the first arrivals to Shipwreck Bay every day we enjoy a very peaceful, and often exclusive time at this enchanting bay. After the Shipwreck, we go for swimming at an amazing beach close by and then we explore the magnificent Blue Caves. We stop to take photos of the sea caves and arches, as well as the stunning translucent blue waters. Those who wish to fully experience the phenomenon of the Blue Caves can take a dip in the blue waters. Then, after a stop for lunch, we visit the natural Sea Spa of Xingia. The turquoise blue sea at Xingia contains traces of sulphur and collagen. The sulphur and collagen pours down from the mountains into the sea and has been proven to offer significant health benefits.

The excursion days:

April – Half of May: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Half of May – End of September: Daily.

End of September – End of the season: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Excursion prices:

Adult: 37 euro PP

Child: 25 euro PP

(The lunch is not included in the price, but it’s allowed to bring your own packed lunch, which can be consumed in the restaurant.)

Zante secret senses


Join us to explore authentic Zakynthos, as we visit the stunning site of the national poet’s secret place of inspiration, where he wrote the Greek National Anthem. Visit the sent makers Razi’s, learn about the Venetian Aristocrats and their use of local flora to create wonderful scents. At the wine estate Callinico, we will taste some great wines and while we have a stroll in their amazing museum, we will learn about Zakynthian winery traditions. We then work our way to Zante’s best kept secret, a very picturesque traditional tavern, tucked away in fields of vineyards with the most enchanting lemon grove garden. Here you will have the chance to try a selection of traditional mezes that will tickle your taste buds, while you listen to live Greek Music! We guarantee you a real Zakythian Greek evening to remember.

The excursion day:


Excursion prices:

Adult: 38 euro PP

Child: 35 euro PP

(The food is included in the price. The drinks are not included in the price.)

Zante delight


An evening city tour to get acquainted with Zante Town, the capital of Zakynthos. We start in the late afternoon at the balcony of Zakynthos, in a small village known as “Bochali”. This charming little village is situated on the hill above Zakynthos Town and is famous for its breath-taking views. You can’t help but fall in love with this endearing Greek village with its bougainvillea and jasmine flowers.

After taking in the majestic panoramic views, we now make our way to go downhill towards the majestic church of patron Saint Agios Dionysios. The beautiful church interior will enchant you. Along the way, we will also stop at a picture-perfect spot to create a panoramic photo of Zante town but now from the down side. The last stop on our Zante delight tour will be at the main Town of Zante and the Dionysios Solomos Square. Here your Nefis Travel guide will point out the places of interest and will give you an introduction to a wonderful international or authentic Greek dinner, with live traditional music.

The excursion day:


Excursion prices:

Adult: 15 euro PP

Child: 10 euro PP

(The meal is not included in the price.)

Zante Sunset & Southern Hidden Gems


A great chance to visit the southern Zante and the traditional villages, enjoy the great Zakynthian hospitality, taste the best traditional local wines and experience the most breathtaking, panoramic sunset in all of Greece at the ultimate sunset destination. By luxury minibus we will travel through a scenic route of vineyards to explore the authentic Zakynthos.

We offer this tour from half of May onwards.

The excursion day:


Excursion price:

30 euro PP

(The meal is not included in the price.)

Back to the roots


Travelling by luxury Mercedes Benz minibus, we have the opportunity to travel with an interactive and highly flexible schedule at a very relaxed pace, and are able to visit authentic places where larger bus tours simply can not reach. This island tour will invigorate your senses, providing a fantastic opportunity to dig into the roots of the island’s culture. You meet local residents while enjoying off the beaten track scenery and the hidden treasures of Zante. In a very friendly and laid back style, your guide, Jackie Boots, shares music and beautiful stories from Greek mythology. We guarantee the best holiday tour – so good that it will be the crown on your stay in Zakynthos!

• NOT TO BE MISSED for SEEKERS of Authentic Zakynthos!!!! Young & Old!

• Live music in a picturesque tavern at Kampi, with the most stunning view!

• Stroll through a Zakynthian village.

• Visit a traditional market.

• Visit the folklore museum and the oldest shop of Zakynthos with Grandma Thassia!

• Beautiful panoramic view of the famous Shipwreck from above.

• Visit a Monastery and meet priest Theodosis.

• We travel on to the Aristeon olive oil factory, where you are proudly shown how local olive oil is cultivated by a guided tour from one of the owners.

The excursion days:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Excursion prices:

Adult: 35 euro PP

Child: 25 euro PP

(The lunch is not included in the price.)

Kefalonia island tour


During this daytrip, we journey by coach to Kefalonia to visit the traditional villages untouched by time and be charmed by the locals with their Kefalonian hospitality. During the course of the day we will also visit the more commercialized and beautiful natural highlights of Kefalonia like Melissani lake and the Drogarati cave, but always planned in a way, that you would not wait in line with the crowds. Kefalonia with her rich mythical history and many legends, has one big question that remains, where did King Odyseus live? Kefalonia or Ithaka? Join us on this Odyssey!

The excursion days:

The excursion day is Wednesday, but in the high season the excursion is also available on Saturday.

Excursion prices:

Adult: 49 euro PP

Child: 39 euro PP

Child age on this tour: Until 10 years old

(The above mentioned prices are including the ferry tickets. Not included in the price are the entrance fees for the Melissani Lake €8 and the Drogarati Cave €5. The lunch is not included in the price, but it’s allowed to bring your own packed lunch, which can be consumed next to the restaurant.)

Just the two of us


It’s hard to organize a romantic trip for your loved one in a country you know little about – so why not let us take the pressure away. Whether you are on honeymoon or couples travelling together with friends, we will create a VIP tour itinerary that will be an experience of a lifetime.

The excursion day:

You can choose your preferred date.

Excursion prices:

Ask us for a quote and let us surprise you with our very affordable prices.

Yes i do


The “Yes I do” trip is a winner among those who are looking for the ultimate marriage proposal on the idyllic island of Zakynthos.

The excursion day:

You can choose your preferred date.

Excursion prices:

Ask us for a quote and let us surprise you with our very affordable prices.

Sunset Champagne


Join our Sunset Champagne Cruise and feel your worries melt away as you enjoy the amazing panoramic views of Zakynthos. Sail towards the photogenic Marathonisi island, better known as Turtle Island, visit the amazing Mizithres rock formation and enjoy an evening swim and snorkel at the Keri Caves! Join us on this Odyssey to experience Mother Nature at its best; a unique Zakynthian trip that will create memories to last a lifetime!

The excursion day:


Excursion prices:

Adult: 30 euro PP

Child: 25 euro PP

Eco friendly turtle spotting


Join us, with a member of the Sea Turtle Protection Society, who provides a presentation on the Caretta Caretta turtle as we cruise the magical National Marine Park. We abide strictly to the eco friendly manner in observing the Caretta Caretta turtles, in this way we assist in their preservation, have the opportunity to take unique snapshots of these enchanting animals from up close, without disturbing them! You will enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the extraordinary turquoise waters of the most spectacular excluded white sand-pebble beaches, away from the crowds, situated around Turtle Island and the famous Keri Caves. Your guide will share lots of information about the area and its history. If required, the children on board can participate in a pirate game, where they learn about Greek Mythology, whereby they obtain a pirates diploma. Getting acquainted with the sea turtles and their habitat & swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise sea! Will provide the ultimate vacation day!

• The tour contains a guided bus tour to the south of the island.

• The tour contains 2 swim stops. The swim stops are always close to the beach, but not on the beach.

The excursion days:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning. In the high season the trip is also available in the afternoon.

Excursion prices:

Adult: 25 euro PP

Child: 17 euro PP

(The lunch is not included in the price, but it’s allowed to bring your own packed lunch, which can be consumed on board.)

Olympia tour


Olympia is a small town in Elis (or Eleia) on the Peloponnese peninsula. Olympia was the place where the first ancient Olympic Games took place. Our unique trip to Olympia takes place in a luxury mini bus. Not only do you travel as a VIP, but your tour provides a totally different experience than experienced by those who travel on a large group. To share your time with your official guide in the museum and archaeological site of Olympia will benefit to a truly VIP Olympia feeling, you will feel like an ancient winner yourself!

The excursion day:


Excursion prices:

Adult: 68 euro PP

Child: 58 euro PP

Child age on this tour: Until 10 years old

(The above mentioned prices are including the ferry tickets to the mainland of Greece. The lunch is not included in the excursion price.)

(The entrance fees for the Archeological Site and the Museum are not included in the price. A combination ticket is €12 – free of charge are children till 18 years old and 65 plus have a 50% discount – copy of passport needed.)

Tailor-made group tours


In addition to our standard VIP Zakynthos tours, we also create personalized tours which are custom made entirely for a single booking or a special group on Zakynthos. Perhaps you are traveling with a group and would like to realize your travel needs in a special day! Your own day in a luxury Mercedes in VIP style, to meet the locals away from the masses or maybe a day out on the water in your own private speedboat or yacht.

The ideal geographical location of Zakynthos, also gives you the opportunity to spread your wings during your vacation to the mainland to areas such as the beautiful neighboring island of Kefalonia, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Monemvasia, Meteora and of course to the capital Athens.

We can take our time to listen to your travel wishes, guide you with the right information and create the most suitable tailor-made package for you.

Due to the fact that we can charter different types of speed boats and mini buses or limos, we can offer VIP tours with different price categories.

The excursion day:

You can choose your preferred date.

Excursion prices:

Ask us for a quote and let us surprise you with our very affordable prices.

Above & Beyond Shipwreck


A “not to be missed” picture perfect opportunity! This unique tour takes you to the most photographed icon from high up by land and gives you an opportunity to get up close, when you take our speedboat trip to the actual Shipwreck Beach. Your Nefis Guide, with you throughout the tour, will also take you to other exciting places along the way, so you can fully immerse yourself in what Zakynthos offers.

The excursion days:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. From 15 May daily options.

Excursion prices:

Adult: 50 euro PP

Child: 35 euro PP

Our unique tours are designed to provide the highlight of your holiday!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nefis Travel

Zakynthos Zante

Will you pick me up from my holiday resort?

Yes, we have pick up transfers from nearly all the Zakynthos resorts but please keep in mind that South Vassilkos and the Harbour of Keri are remote areas in Zakynthos. We will do our very best to give you the pickup service transfer with a small extra cost, but we do ask cooperation in being flexible with the days and cannot guarantee a pick up from these areas.

Can I participate in the VIP tours, with my rental car?

You can join our boat trips with your rental car. You can book tickets by email or through our booking form and meet us at the port where we will board our Shipwreck and Blue Caves tour and the Turtle Spotting tour. In this way you have the freedom of your own transport and you will enjoy arriving at the Shipwreck bay before the crowds, see the turtles in an eco-friendly way and help the turtles in their fight for survival.

How do I book a tour?

You can book your tours by email, Whats App or at our Nefis Travel Zakynthos facebook page by personal messages. You can also use our website’s booking form to send a booking request for your desired tour and date.

Please keep in mind that our office is open between 9 AM - 10:30 PM. We will answer your email within 24 hours. If you wish to make an urgent booking because you are already on the island, please contact us directly on +30 2695048004, +30 6987746506 or +30 6984534687 numbers to avoid a delay in your booking.

For our tours we have different pickup routings, to keep the transfers as short as possible. We kindly ask to be flexible with the preferable days of your tours.

How can I pay?

You can pay upon arrival at the ticket delivery service on your arrival day, one of our team members will come to your holiday address to take care of it all. You can pay by Credit Card in the offices in Tsilivi or by signing an Authorized Credit Card form. If you have an IBAN number then you can also easily pay into our bank account. If you pay by Credit Card or bank account, we will send the tickets to you by email with the explanation of where the pick-up point for the tours will be. The choice is yours.

Are the tours child friendly and what is considered child age?

Our child age is normally 12 years old, but we can be flexible on our "VIP Eco-friendly turtle spotting" tour and "Back to the roots" minibus island tour, if families are travelling with teenagers.

On our VIP "Once upon a time" tour the children and young at heart will step back in time and by interactive stories will enter the world of Aesop and his enchanting and inspiring stories. They will learn a little Greek poem and while we sit around the camp fire singing songs, you might drift away to your own childhood memories…
On our VIP Eco-friendly turtle spotting tour, we will have a presentation from the Sea Protection Society Archelon where the children will learn about the high endangered Caretta - Caretta Turtles and in a pirate game they will also learn a few facts about Odysseus while looking for the treasure.
At our VIP "Back to the roots" tour they will hear a few nice short Greek mythology stories and see and learn how Zakynthian olive oil and local sweet are made. They can sing along with the live music over lunch and the tour has many stops, what means that they will be out and about and entertaint the whole day. Many of our little Nefis friends have send us beautiful drawings, from this unique tour afterwards.
At our VIP Shipwreck and Blue Caves tour the children might see dolphins or our Monachus Monachus seals and get guided with nice stories about Zante. On certain days they will be able to enter a pirate game at the Smugglers Cove, please do ask about this opportunity! Our family tours are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder, and enrich understanding.

Nefis Travel

Zakynthos Zante

Do you have a Book Now - Pay Later policy?

With Nefis Travel you can indeed enjoy the freedom to choose a tour now and pay later! Our unique customer service is created for your convenience. We will organize a ticket delivery service on your arrival day at your holiday accommodation, where the payment can be done (as long as you arrive at least 24 hours before the departure of the tour). If you are staying in Planos – Tsilivi, we then kindly ask to pick up your tickets in one of the 2 Nefis Travel offices close to your accommodation. For guests staying on a far distance, a payment in advance will be requested.

Do you have group discounts?

We can indeed look into a tailor-made discount for groups.

Is lunch included on the tours? May I bring a lunch box?

Lunch is not included on any of the Nefis Travel tours, but our dear Nefis Travel guests are more than welcome to bring their lunch boxes on the tours.

How can i contact Nefis Travel?

You can contact us by phone (+30 2695048004, +30 6987746506, +30 6984534687) or email ( or through our website's contact form. You can also reach us by sending a message via Facebook or Whats App.

What happens if the sea conditions are not okay for a tour?

We at Nefis Travel provide the highest level of customer service given on the island. If the weather reports are bad, we will cancel the tours and give you a refund.
If the weather shows a 50-50 situation, we will phone you on your mobiles or at the hotels before the tour starts and tell you that we might have to use an alternative program. This only happens on the Shipwreck and Blue Caves tours. The east coast of the island as in Blue Caves and Xingia Sea Spa and the west coast as in Shipwreck beach is possible to have 2 totally different sea conditions.
Our captains will check the situation early in the morning and if we see that the Blue Caves and Xingia Spa, east coast are okay but around cape Skinari on our way to the west coast, the sea doesn’t allow us to go to the Shipwreck beach, we will create Plan B:
Plan B: We will go to the Shipwreck platform by bus so you'll see the Shipwreck from above and we will offer extra time at the Blue Caves for pictures and swimming, and go to the Xingia Sea Spa after our lunch stop. We will tell you honestly what the situation is and leave the choice to you. You can swap your trip around and go on another day, take a refund or decide to come.
From our experience those who came on these few rare days that this happens in the summer, still had a great day out. And as we said it is a 50-50 situation sometimes the wind drops, while we drive to the harbor and we can still sail to the Shipwreck beach. We at Nefis Travel just want to be as straight forward about as we can be and will always be honest about the weather conditions.

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