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Zakynthos Zante wedding

Zakynthos wedding reviews

Feedback from our happy Zante wedding couples

Albert and Corina

“The last days of the season, we were with our children on a nice holiday on Zakynthos. Where in the middle of the week, we had the day of our life: our marriage. September 27th 2015: we ventured the gamble to let this day be taken care of by Jackie, just trough email corresponding. Well, the day was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined beforehand. Everything was right, the island, the location, the people, the flowers, the music, the food, the weather, everything! It was true, most likely because Jackie had nothing left to chance. We were already a few days earlier on the island and so we could explore a few things and co-organize or more put the final finishing touches. We wanted “different”. Since Jackie had to do with just the word “different”. But what is different than anything else we saw on the website of Nefis?

Then we had terms like “non-civilian” and “casual” and from a have long distance email conversations, she had understood us more then we could asked for.. I want balloons! …How much?… 100!… And we got 100 balloons! White also because we wanted white. I want a “chaos” of flowers! …A chaos of flowers?… Yes! And we got a fantastic, contemporary floral decoration. All the girls a different flower in their hair, just because we so wanted. Live music? …With singers and instruments …Yes! And we got the best musicians, even from flown in from German to create the best music for us. We partied, cried, laughed, danced, the whole day was stress-free because everything was taken care of in every way by Jackie. Actually, we did not want to participate in this review. After all, by our positive results, you could also get stuck in such a special day. How special would our day be then? But let us not be selfish and wish for everybody who reads this, to be rewarded with the most enchanting day of there life, just like we did… Do not hesitate one moment, with Jackie on your side, dream weddings come true!”

Guido and Meriam

“Because we were together for seven years, we wanted to celebrate it in a personal but special way on July 7, 2015. We had in mind to do so in Greece on a beautiful beach, so we ended up at Nefis Travel Zakynthos. We had the opportunity to meet to Jackie in the Netherlands, where it soon became clear that Jackie understood what we wanted. We had left all the preparations solely to Nefis Travel, this went very smoothly and we got regular updates.The day itself was exactly as we would have liked it, and actually even more. We were picked up by luxury Mercedes Limovan from our apartment and were taken to the north of the island, where a boat was waiting for us.

The boat took us to a very quiet, nice beach where Jackie was waiting for us. Jackie led the small ceremony, where we expressed our vows and exchanged rings. All this took place on a beautiful beach at sunset. Champagne was ready and even about the pictures we did not have to think. The boat trip to the Blue Caves (which was a nice touch as an given surprise present of Nefis Travel) was a great ending to the ceremony. Jackie had been reserved for us at the restaurant Nico’s by the Sea, where a table was ready for us which was decorated beautifully. Jackie, and basically everyone Nefis Travel has really done their very best to make our day as special as possible. What we really want to point out, is that Nefis Travel Zakynthos put just that extra step and afford, which has made it a memorable day for us. We look back on a very nice holiday. Thank you very much and certainly see you all again!”

Marcel and Marielle

“In early June we had our dream wedding. Expressing our love to each other, on an uninhabited island, barefoot in the sand. Our family, relatives, friends, sun and the sea as our witnesses. To Jackie, we had several times discussed our wishes and she has fulfilled then all for us. Where necessary, we got good suggestions and the final result exceeded our imagination. The day was planned down to the smallest details.

Transportation, bouquet, location, dinner and island ceremony were super! What made it so special for us was the personal approach of Jackie and her team.
The anticipation began a day earlier with a private tour in a small coach along breathtaking places on this beautiful island of Zakynthos which is so dear to us. This enchanting day was also provided by Nefis Travel. The Private day Tour and our dream wedding were so special.
Efcharisto Poli Jackie you made it really memorable!
Love Marcel and Marielle.”

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Mark and Chantal

“Our big day… it sounds cliché, but it was a fairy tale! All of our expectations have been exceeded; it was exactly as we had it in our head. In the months before the wedding we had intensive mail contact with Jackie. As real control freaks, it was actually a very scary situation to leave it all in the hands of Jackie. We often asked ourselves whether our good ideas and wishes would become reality. One after another collage was put together as much as possible to give Jackie the right impressions. What were our concerns and (for Chantal) sleepless nights a waste of time! Jackie understood that we are perfectionists and had arranged for us to have 2 days before our wedding to check it all. We went to the wedding venue, discussed the menu & the ceremony, went to the florist and Chantal went to the hairdresser for a trial hairstyle and makeup. Now we knew for sure, we are guided by very professional experts. 15/09/2015 was our big day and it was AWESOME. We were picked up around noon for a photo shoot on the island. We have been to beautiful places and we are very pleased with the beautiful pictures!

Around four o’clock we arrived at the wedding venue, Mark waited for the family and Chantal and her father left with a boat from a nearby beach. All this was for the family a big surprise. What then followed made a great impression on us. The arrival by boat, our own chosen song… it was amazing! We are eternally grateful to Jackie that she has called someone was filming… we then may not have realized that this time would make such an impression on us! The ceremony that followed was beautiful and personal: a story of Greek mythology, our own written wedding vows, the song chosen by our Book of Love and the ring ceremony. We had to bring out a toats we did with the whole family during a boat trip to the Blue Caves. When we came back, there was a beautifully set dinner table ready for us. Everything to the last detail was taken care of by Jackie and her team, the food was delicious, the service was magnificent and with singer Jackie, her drummer and keyboardist we had a amazing party. Around midnight, we went back to our hotel and so was this (too fast) an end to our best day! We want to thank Nefis Travel so very much for all the effort and good care. In particular we would like Jackie, Emilia, Spiros, Sakis, Niko’s by the Sea, Katherina and Coiffure Mirror Mirror thank for the realization of our dream. We enjoy our photos and video… it was a real fairy tale!”

Mitch and Rosita

“It’s been so special, I want to thank you again for everything, and I want everyone to know how good you are! Our wedding on Zakynthos, using Jackie Boots and her Nefis team made our wedding on Zakynthos become a reality.

All our dreams have become true. The flowers, the colors, the ribbons. Transport, food, location (traverna Stavros, Kampi) it was really well organized, to the last detail, so super! We loved and enjoyed it. The photos are really beautiful and enchanting. It was fairy tales that really come true for us. Even words can not describe how special this was for us. Thank you very much Jackie and Nefis team for the realization of our dream!
Much love from Mitch & Rosita.”

Andre and Annemieke

“Our dream of getting married on a beautiful beach was a fairytale coming true thanks to Jackie. She perfectly felt and understood, from the first email on, what we wanted for our special moment. She arranged a gorgeous private beach for us to get married on.

The ceremony could not have been more pure and perfectly, thanks to her words, humor and spontaneity. It felt as she knew us for years, instead of a few email contacts. And this is what makes Jackie a very special woman. We had been trying other travel agencies before, to explain our wishes and purpose of this day, but no one seemed to understand. Jackie did, in every way. Thank you, Jackie, for our truly unforgettable wedding day, just the way we´ve been dreaming of!”

Hans and Ellin

“Hi Jackie! Well, now we are back in Sweden and Sundsvall and also married, great feeling! We are so happy for the ceremony you set up for us, it was so beautiful.

We have so many pictures so we pick our absolutely best ones to send. You were so kind and did an absolutely perfect day for all of us, it was over all of us expectations and you did an amazing job! So from all of us, thank you for making our ceremony beautiful and an great memory for life!
Hans & Ellin”

Jorik and Cindy

“On September 5th we got married on beautiful Zante. Thanks to Jackie and Nefis Travel it’s been an unforgettable day! The preparations started at home, where we spoke to Jackie in December to discuss the way we wanted to get married, and to hear some nice suggestions from Jackie as well. On September 5th it finally happened: we were going to get married! The hairdresser came to our home in the morning, along with the photographer and Emilia (the lady who was with us all day and was great company). We had seen the bride’s hair in a sample before, but now it was even more perfect. After some pictures at our home, we were taken to the most special places on the island, by a private bus. We were so surprised by everything that was arranged: cold water on board, even a water melon, to get through the warm day and air conditioning: we felt like we were true VIP’s. We have seen the most beautiful, sometimes hidden places on the island, and really beautiful pictures were taken. After the photo-shoot the groom was dropped off at Micro Nisi, to await the arrival of the guests, who were brought to the wedding by a luxurious private bus.

Meanwhile, the bride was getting into a special little boat, with a captain and Emilia, to get to the platform. A special platform was built, especially for weddings, down by the water, at a magnificent place. When we were walking there with the family, we were so surprised: Jackie made the platform into this truly beautiful place, with this exceptional, amazing view. Covered in white, beautiful flowers, a beautiful blue sea, lovely weather and a slowly sinking sun: we thought we ended up in some spectacular, romantic movie. As the bride was arriving in the boat, the band (who was on the platform as well) started playing our favourite songs.
The ceremony was beautiful, just like we wanted and more, with a great opening and ending by Jackie. After the ceremony we went on board the boat with all of our guests, to have some Champaign and go to the blue caves for an hour or so, to enjoy the sunset and great weather. When we got back, the platform was now transformed to this great, special, private place for us to have dinner. We felt like true VIP’s again, enjoying our dinner and the party at our own, little private place at the water side, with just stars above us, as the band was playing and Jackie was singing our favourite songs. We had an unbelievably, unforgettable, great day, and we’d like to thank Jackie, Nefis Travel and everyone who made this day possible for that!”

Wouter and Soraya

“Dear Jackie, through this feedback, we want to thank you again for organizing our dream wedding. We have really enjoyed our wedding and private excursion with our wedding guests. Our big day began, with a beautiful photo shoot. Photographer Sakis is truly an artist with a great sense of humor. His dear daughters have helped throughout the day to lay and put the dress of Soraya in the right way for the pictures. Our driver Spiros during the day helped us perfect, nothing was too much.

Our ceremony venue was beautifully decorated, just as we had in mind with beautiful flowers. Because of the high waves we had quickly to be devised at another location where Soraya could get out of the boat, amazing how quickly your respond to this. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful ceremony which was led by you from start to finish. Litza has created a beautiful Greek ceremony. You dear daughter Nefili also took beautiful pictures of it. After the ceremony we enjoyed a delicious dinner with live music from you and the pianist. You’re a great duo together, you can you sing amazingly beautiful. All guests were singing along during dinner! What a great atmosphere you created! We are so grateful to you! Thank you for making our dream wedding come true!”

Ben and Lisa

“In September 2016 we fell in love with the island of Zakynthos during our holiday. We had been engaged for three years now and we decided that we would like to marry romantically in 2017 on Zakynthos. After some research on the internet we found Nefis Travel. Together with Jackie Boots we had very good e-mail contact. She listened to our wishes and knew exactly what we wanted for our beautiful day. Because we did not just want a ceremony, but also wanted to get married by the law, there was quite a lot of paperwork involved. But we only had to request the right papers in the Netherlands, send them by post and Nefis Travel took care of the rest! On 6 September 2017 it was then time. In the afternoon we were picked up at our hotel by Takis with the Mercedes limo-van, who drove us to the north of the island, where we, along with the official and the interpreter, boarded a boat that took us to the private beach.

Jackie and her daughter had decorated the beach nicely with lanterns and flowers and they were waiting for us. Jackie opened the ceremony by telling our story interwoven with Greek mythology. Then it was time for the official part in Greek, where the interpreter always translated into Dutch. It was exactly the romantic, personal and informal day we had in mind. But then we had an extra surprise after our yes-word, two men came singing and while playing the guitar and bouzouki, behind the rocks! It turned out that the home front together with Jackie had arranged this surprise for us.
Takis had recorded every moment for us by photo and Jackie by film. After signing the paper and champagne toast, Taki went with us on the boat for our private tour through the Blue Caves to make beautiful pictures here too. Finally we were taken to the restaurant Nikos at Sea, where we ate at a nicely decorated table with a beautiful view, after which Takis brought us back to our hotel. Through Nefis Travel we had an unforgettable, fantastic, carefree wedding day on Zakynthos and it was even more than we had expected!”

Walter and Marielle

“We had already been to Zakynthos with our 2 families in 2013 and went to Navagio with Nefis Travel to admire the Shipwreck. That was a very nice tour and a nice introduction to this amazing organization. We saw that you could also arrange a wedding ceremony through Nefis Travel and that’s how we came into contact with Jackie. A lovely Dutch woman with lots of humor, whom we met in the Netherlands and had a lot of e-mail contact with until our beautiful day. Everything was arranged down to the last detail. On Saturday we arrived and we would do the ceremony on Thursday. That gave us enough time to do a try out at the hairdresserand for the make-up and to find a beautiful wedding cake. We were also brought to the florist to discuss the decoration such as the bouquet, the decoration on the beach, the stairs and the tables in the restaurant. We also met our fantastic photographer Dionisis and Emilia who did our Greek ceremony. What an amazing customer service! On the day itself we left our hotel with the photographer through the back door, nobody of the family had seen us.

We made a fantastic 5 hour round trip with driver and photographer in an airco-minivan. What a party and what a fun day it became! Since we had been on the island once, we knew where we wanted to take pictures, but the gentlemen added of course extra gems to that as locals they know the beautiful places! In the meantime, under the inspiring leadership of Jackie, the family had arrived by bus on location, Nikos by the sea. We arrived there by boat and saw our family and friends on the plateau waiting for us. Then we all went to the beach Small Xingia where we could get off the boat on the beach. A beautiful ceremony created by Jackie and also the Greek ceremony of Emilia. Our music was also played on the spot. After the ceremony and congratulations, we all sailed with champagne for another hour along the beautiful coast with the beautiful Blue Caves. Relaxed and everyone enjoyed it to the max! When we arrived at Nico by the Sea we enjoyed a delicious dinner with beautifully decorated tables and had an amazing bridal cake, it was a fairytale come true. Jackie gave us a nice musical evening with the pianist, yes she can sing too!!!
We have enjoyed, a day never to forget, everything arranged down to the last detail and very relaxed!”


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