Are you looking for insider information and things to do in Zakynthos (Zante)? We will happily show you the hidden treasures and top sites of the island! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…

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Tsilivi - Planos, Zakynthos, Greece

+30 2695048004, +30 6987746506 (with Whats App service).

+30 2695048004, +30 6987746506 (with Whats App service).

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The Municipality of Zakynthos, in particular the Tourism Committee, takes measures to protect the famous Shipwreck bay, so that the bathers who are often responsible for damages and damage to the ship "Panagiotis" are not accessible. According to statements in the "DAY" of the Vice President of the Municipality's Tourism Committee, Antonis Nikoloudakis, the

For the Greek nation March 25th is a double holiday, celebrating a historical achievement and a religious event: the independence against the Ottoman occupation & the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.In 1453 the Greeks came under the Ottoman Rule and lead frequent revolts to gain their independence. Up until 1821 there was no hope


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