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The ultimate picture perfect experience in a small group...

The unique VIP Above & Beyond Shipwreck Tour is a picture perfect mini bus and boat trip. This Zante holiday highlight gives you the opportunity to explore this magical Greek island in a small group. You will enjoy some of the most famous sights in Zante, while avoiding mass tourism at the shipwreck viewing point, before you experience the shipwreck view from eye level, and it's all on this one tour!

Starting off early in the morning, with pick-ups by our 19 seated minibus from nearly every holiday resort, you will enjoy the scenic east coastal views around you whilst travelling in a small group. As we move deeper into the mountains of this stunning island, we will take in the majestic views of the Ionian Sea and authentic villages along the way. Your Nefis guide, with you for the day, will inform you about the diverse local history, flora and fauna and Greek mythology.

Your first stop on the VIP Above & Beyond Shipwreck Tour will be a fantastic photo opportunity to one of the world’s most beautiful panoramic picture perfects, the exquisite Shipwreck bay from above. We will be at the viewing site before mass tourism arrives, helping you to get that special picture to be envied by all who will wish they were here with you. It’s not just the much-photographed Shipwreck at its centre, but the turquoise waters that need to be seen to be believed, as well as the imposing cliffs that rise far above, inspiring the sense of mystery surrounding this most famous image. After this dazzling moment we get back onto our air conditioned mini bus and make our way to the quaint traditional Greek local roadside market situated underneath the most beautiful pine tree.

Matina and Dimitris will introduce the history of their local product while you will be charmed by this unique place. Your taste buds will be tickled with the free Zakynthian local pastelli, nuts, wine-tasting, a slice of village bread dipped in olive oil with olives, oregano and local Zakynthian cheese called Lado-tiri. Moving on from the village market, we drive towards the natural Sea Spa of Xingia. A beautiful small bay with a tropical outstanding look. The turquoise blue sea here contains traces of sulphur and collagen, yes you read that right Collagen, and it’s all natural and free! The collagen pours down from the mountains into the sea and has been proven to offer significant health benefits. A swim in the healthy waters at xingia sea spa combined with a natural sand scrub, will revitalize your energy and polish your skin. Many visitors have reported feeling younger and relaxed due to this natural sea spa phenomenon in the North of Zakynthos.

After this Zen experience we are moving on to the picturesque harbor of Agios Nicolas. We will have time to explore and grab some food before we board our private speedboat. While we sail to shipwreck bay you feel your adrenaline and excitement build as we enter the fascinating Shipwreck bay. The enchanting white limestone cliffs surrounding the bay of Navagio and its white pebbly stone beach, contrast the mesmerizing bands of sea colors from light turquoise to dark blue. You will instantly understand why this masterpiece of mother nature is called one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is a must do on the list of things while on holiday on Zakynthos, one to tick off the bucket list for sure! As we come closer the colors become even more intense, creating an artistic scene. The setting of the reddish wreckage on a blue and white surrounding is so perfect that it is almost as if it was placed there intentionally. We will take that much desired picture and then go for swimming at an amazing beach close by at the west coast of Zakynthos (Please check local law update at the bottom of the page).

As we sail towards the Blue Caves we may even be lucky enough to end this fairytale tour accompanied by a Zakynthos dolphin or two, they also love it here. Our Nefis Travel speedboat has the ability to safely enter the Blue Caves of Zante. We stop to take photos of the sea caves and arches, as well as the stunning translucent blue waters. Those who wish to fully experience the phenomenon of the Blue Caves can take a dip in the crystal clear blue waters. Your whole body takes on the blue hues and everyone enjoys photographing all the «blue Smurfs". Don’t worry though, this is just an optical illusion and the blue hue will disappear once out of the water!

After all these enchanting moments out at sea we will board back onto the minibus with destination Zakynthos holiday resort. Sit back, relax with a big smile on your face, salt on your skin, a feeling of pure bliss, and check out your pics of the memories made on this unique travel experience.

We can't wait for you to join us on this unique Nefis Travel Tour and share with you some of the most beautiful places that Zante has to offer.

Please be aware:

• Please be aware that the most recent announcement made by the municipality of Zakynthos prohibits us from landing on the Shipwreck beach this year. This decision has been made as a result of the landslide in 2018 in combination with the large number of visitors expected on our island this summer season. Despite not being able to land on the beach, we are allowed to sail into the bay and take pictures at a short distance from a wonderful, empty beach! This will nonetheless create a 'wow' feeling to mother nature at its best.

In the last four years, we have been in the same situation twice and have successfully amended our tour program accordingly. Our alternative program consists of sailing into the bay to take beautiful pictures of an empty Shipwreck beach, a swim stop at another beautiful bay on the West side of Zakynthos as well as additional time at the enchanting Blue Caves. The amended program offered has always been received with much joy and satisfied feedback from our guests and many even perceived the view of an empty beach as a bonus!

• As we enter Shipwreck bay you will have the opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful, empty (!) beach.

Useful information:

• We travel with a max off 19 guests in the bus and on the speedboat.

• The excursion includes a guided bus tour to the north of the island with a picture stop at the platform for a panoramic view of Shipwreck.

• Please make sure you have a bottle of water with you.

• We will stop at a traditional road market if you want to buy some local product it’s advisable to bring cash.

• There will be steps involved to Xingia.

• We stay one hour at Xingia and there is a kiosk where fast food and drinks are being served.

• This tour will NOT have a programmed lunch stop but at Agios Nicolas harbor you will have time to grab some take away lunch with you.

• The Shipwreck and Blue Caves boat trip consists of a 3 hour speedboat tour with 2 swim stops.

• As the season moves to the autumn months the sun's rays will take longer to reach the Shipwreck bay at the panorama viewing point.

• As this tour involves some steps and getting in and out of a speedboat it is unsuitable for guests with mobility problems and for young children.

• With a sea tour we are depending on the sea conditions of the day. There might be a few rare occasions when we need to, for safety reasons, use a bigger speedboat combined with another group or change the order of the program. You will be fully informed about any changes so you choose whether to go on the day, book for the next available tour or get a full refund.

The excursion days:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. From 15 May daily options.

The excursion prices:

Adult: 50 euro PP

Child: 35 euro PP

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  • Clara
    February 12, 2022 at 19:46

    Above and beyond Shipwreck is a not to be missed tour! Definitely a highlight for every traveler!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nefis Travel

Zakynthos Zante

Will you pick me up from my holiday resort?

Yes, we have pick up transfers from nearly all the Zakynthos resorts but please keep in mind that South Vassilkos and the Harbour of Keri are remote areas in Zakynthos. We will do our very best to give you the pickup service transfer with a small extra cost, but we do ask cooperation in being flexible with the days and cannot guarantee a pick up from these areas.

Can I participate in the VIP tours, with my rental car?

You can join our boat trips with your rental car. You can book tickets by email or through our booking form and meet us at the port where we will board our Shipwreck and Blue Caves tour and the Turtle Spotting tour. In this way you have the freedom of your own transport and you will enjoy arriving at the Shipwreck bay before the crowds, see the turtles in an eco-friendly way and help the turtles in their fight for survival.

How do I book a tour?

You can book your tours by email, Whats App or at our Nefis Travel Zakynthos facebook page by personal messages. You can also use our website’s booking form to send a booking request for your desired tour and date.

Please keep in mind that our office is open between 9 AM - 10:30 PM. We will answer your email within 24 hours. If you wish to make an urgent booking because you are already on the island, please contact us directly on +30 2695048004, +30 6987746506 or +30 6984534687 numbers to avoid a delay in your booking.

For our tours we have different pickup routings, to keep the transfers as short as possible. We kindly ask to be flexible with the preferable days of your tours.

How can I pay?

You can pay upon arrival at the ticket delivery service on your arrival day, one of our team members will come to your holiday address to take care of it all. You can pay by Credit Card in the offices in Tsilivi or by signing an Authorized Credit Card form. If you have an IBAN number then you can also easily pay into our bank account. If you pay by Credit Card or bank account, we will send the tickets to you by email with the explanation of where the pick-up point for the tours will be. The choice is yours.

Are the tours child friendly and what is considered child age?

Our child age is normally 12 years old, but we can be flexible on our "VIP Eco-friendly turtle spotting" tour and "Back to the roots" minibus island tour, if families are travelling with teenagers.

On our VIP "Once upon a time" tour the children and young at heart will step back in time and by interactive stories will enter the world of Aesop and his enchanting and inspiring stories. They will learn a little Greek poem and while we sit around the camp fire singing songs, you might drift away to your own childhood memories…
On our VIP Eco-friendly turtle spotting tour, we will have a presentation from the Sea Protection Society Archelon where the children will learn about the high endangered Caretta - Caretta Turtles and in a pirate game they will also learn a few facts about Odysseus while looking for the treasure.
At our VIP "Back to the roots" tour they will hear a few nice short Greek mythology stories and see and learn how Zakynthian olive oil and local sweet are made. They can sing along with the live music over lunch and the tour has many stops, what means that they will be out and about and entertaint the whole day. Many of our little Nefis friends have send us beautiful drawings, from this unique tour afterwards.
At our VIP Shipwreck and Blue Caves tour the children might see dolphins or our Monachus Monachus seals and get guided with nice stories about Zante. On certain days they will be able to enter a pirate game at the Smugglers Cove, please do ask about this opportunity! Our family tours are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder, and enrich understanding.

Nefis Travel

Zakynthos Zante

Do you have a Book Now - Pay Later policy?

With Nefis Travel you can indeed enjoy the freedom to choose a tour now and pay later! Our unique customer service is created for your convenience. We will organize a ticket delivery service on your arrival day at your holiday accommodation, where the payment can be done (as long as you arrive at least 24 hours before the departure of the tour). If you are staying in Planos – Tsilivi, we then kindly ask to pick up your tickets in one of the 2 Nefis Travel offices close to your accommodation. For guests staying on a far distance, a payment in advance will be requested.

Do you have group discounts?

We can indeed look into a tailor-made discount for groups.

Is lunch included on the tours? May I bring a lunch box?

Lunch is not included on any of the Nefis Travel tours, but our dear Nefis Travel guests are more than welcome to bring their lunch boxes on the tours.

How can i contact Nefis Travel?

You can contact us by phone (+30 2695048004, +30 6987746506, +30 6984534687) or email ( or through our website's contact form. You can also reach us by sending a message via Facebook or Whats App.

What happens if the sea conditions are not okay for a tour?

We at Nefis Travel provide the highest level of customer service given on the island. If the weather reports are bad, we will cancel the tours and give you a refund.
If the weather shows a 50-50 situation, we will phone you on your mobiles or at the hotels before the tour starts and tell you that we might have to use an alternative program. This only happens on the Shipwreck and Blue Caves tours. The east coast of the island as in Blue Caves and Xingia Sea Spa and the west coast as in Shipwreck beach is possible to have 2 totally different sea conditions.
Our captains will check the situation early in the morning and if we see that the Blue Caves and Xingia Spa, east coast are okay but around cape Skinari on our way to the west coast, the sea doesn’t allow us to go to the Shipwreck beach, we will create Plan B:
Plan B: We will go to the Shipwreck platform by bus so you'll see the Shipwreck from above and we will offer extra time at the Blue Caves for pictures and swimming, and go to the Xingia Sea Spa after our lunch stop. We will tell you honestly what the situation is and leave the choice to you. You can swap your trip around and go on another day, take a refund or decide to come.
From our experience those who came on these few rare days that this happens in the summer, still had a great day out. And as we said it is a 50-50 situation sometimes the wind drops, while we drive to the harbor and we can still sail to the Shipwreck beach. We at Nefis Travel just want to be as straight forward about as we can be and will always be honest about the weather conditions.

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