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Romantic Zakynthos tours for couples in Zante island

Seeing Zakynthos as a couple is a wonderful experience, whilst you share your private moments as there will be four eyes to discover it all and to point it out. Whether you are on honeymoon or couples travelling together with friends, we will create a tour itinerary that will be an experience of a lifetime.

It’s hard to organise a romantic trip for your loved one in a country you know little about – so why not let us take the pressure away. It may be your partner’s treat, but we want it to be stress-free for you both. When you browse through our VIP private tours, we hope you will find some of our suggestions interesting. We hope to hear from you.

A few suggestions:

Zakynthos Highlights - Diamond tour Our most popular private tour!

In our Mercedes Limo van or Mercedes Minibus, with an English speaking chauffeur, you will be picked up from your accommodation and driven to an idyllic harbour in the North. You will cruise to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Shipwreck beach of Zakynthos. When the crowds arrive we will sail to the Blue Caves. There you will enjoy a swim and take pictures. Having enjoyed the beautiful crystal waters of Zakynthos, continue your journey by minivan, driven to the panoramic platform in the North of the island. From here you can take the famous picture of the Shipwreck bay. After this enchanting Kodak moment, its now time to relax and have lunch (optional) at a traditional Greek tavern, while overlooking the Green mountains of Zakynthos. On the way to the harbor in the South of the island we can stop at a local mountain market. You can have a taste of Zakynthos local products. At the harbor in the south, a captain will be waiting for you to board a private speedboat to cruise to one of the most beautiful beaches and caves, situated around Turtle Island also called Marathonisi, to swim and snorkel in the most extraordinary turquoise waters and you will have time for a turtle eco-frienldy spotting adventure. With this unique tour, you can see all the highlights of Zante in one day.

Cruise around Zakynthos island Private cruise

Private Special Chauffeur transfer from your hotel by VIP Mercedes limo or Mercedes Minibus to the harbour where your luxury speedboat will be waiting for you. Aboard your own speedboat you can take each day as it comes. With a first-class crew to pamper your every need, you can stretch out and simply watch the world sail past. Stop at interesting picturesque harbours and private beaches for swimming, snorkeling or to enjoy a stroll and lunch. Sail aboard a speedboat in Zakynthos, explore the exciting rugged coastlines without compromising on luxury. Cruising aboard a private speedboat affords the opportunity of exploring exciting new destinations amidst luxury, style, and total privacy.

Tour to the North of the island Private boat trip - Private excursion

BASIC PACKAGE: Private chauffeur transfer from your hotel by VIP Mercedes limo or Mercedes Minibus to the closest harbor where you board on a luxury speedboat and sail to the enchanting Shipwreck bay and Blue Caves before the crowds arrive. Visit the magnificent Xigia Sea spa for a natural scrub and floating therapy and experience the wonders of Collagen on your own skin. Lunch can be arranged at a picturesque harbor seaside tavern.

SPECIAL UPGRADED PACKAGE: Special Private Chauffeur transfer from your hotel by VIP Mercedes limo or Mercedes minibus to a picturesque harbour in the north of Zakynthos. You will enjoy the scenic coastal views around you without compromising on luxury. Board on a luxury speedboat with an English speaking captain and sail to the famous Shipwreck bay and Blue Caves before the crowds arrive. As the first arrivals to Shipwreck Bay every day we enjoy a very peaceful, and often exclusive, time on the famous Shipwreck Beach. Next is a visit into the beautiful Blue Caves of Zakynthos. Our speedboat has the ability to safely enter the Blue Caves of Zante. We stop to take photos of the sea caves and arches, as well as the stunning translucent blue waters. Those who wish to fully experience the phenomenon of the Blue Caves can take a dip in the blue waters. On this unique tour we will also take you, to the panoramic platform from where the best pictures of Shipwreck bay are taken! After this enchanting Kodak moment, its time to relax and have lunch at a traditional Greek tavern, while overlooking the Green mountains of Zakynthos island. And we’ll have the opportunity to stop at a small market to get acquainted with the local products of the island, before we make our way back to your holiday accommodation. Our unique Special Upgraded Package will create an authentic taste of Zakynthos by land and sea, as well as enjoying the famous highlights of Zante in the North.

Zakynthos Southern Highlights Private cruise - Private boat trip

Keri harbor - Turtles island - Turtle spotting - Keri Cave - Mizitres rock formation

Have the option to, either start from Zante town or picturesque harbor in the South or start in the south as in Keri Harbor. With that choice, we can upgrade without extra cost, a visit to the olive oil factory, to see how the liquid gold is made. In a luxury minibus with English speaking chauffeur, you will be picked up from your accommodation and driven to an idyllic harbor, where a captain will be waiting for you to board a private speed cruiser. While you sail away from the harbor town you will be able to take in beautiful panoramic pictures from the picturesque harbor. You will cruise to one of the most beautiful treasures in the South of the Island. First stop will be at Turtle Island also called Marathonisi, one of the nesting areas of the famous Caretta Caretta turtles. Your guide will give you all the interesting details about these amazing animals while you will be amazed by the beauty of this white sandy little island surrounded by blue turquoise waters, in the Marine Park. From here we go for our turtle spotting adventure, we nearly always have the chance to take a snapshot of these enchanting animals up close, in an eco-friendly manner. We now sail to the Keri caves and the Mizitres rock formation. Explore the enchanting west-coats of Zante, with its fantastic views of the stunning white cliffs and indulge yourself with the amazing blue colors of the Ionian sea while swimming and snorkeling. When we arrive in the harbor of Keri, you will have free time for strolling and enjoy food by visiting one of the Greek Tavern, which are situated at the picturesque boulevard. On the way back by luxury minibus, we can stop at the Aristeon Olive factory, for a guided tour to learn how olive oil is made. The pinned-studded mountains, the Greek sun, private beaches and endless blue skies will form the ideal setting for an amazing private tour.

Sunset Diamond tour Private sunset excursion

In a luxury minibus with English speaking chauffeur, you will be picked up from the hotel and driven to an idyllic tavern for the most memorable sunset in Zakynthos Greece. We will travel through a scenic route of vineyards to Wine estate known for its authenticity and great Zakynthian hospitality. At the wine estate you will be able to learn how to taste the best traditional wines of Zakynthos like Avgoustiatis (red dry wine) and learn about Zakynthian traditions of winery. We will move deeper into the mountains of Zakynthos, taking in the majestic views of the Ionian Sea and authentic villages along the way. In the picturesque village of Agios Leon, we will be intruded to the making of the "liquid gold of Zante" the famous Extra virgin olive oil, at one of the finest Olive Oil factory’s on the island. At Kampi we reach our ultimate sunset Zakynthos destination for one of the most breathtaking, panoramic sunsets in all of Greece. The Kladis family will introduce you to the Zakyntian traditional way of cooking. When you arrive in the tavern you will be enchanted by the beautiful panoramic view of the horizon that will light up with swirls of pink and orange, fading to blue and purple over the Ionian Sea... You will be set at a decorated private table, overlooking the sea, with nice white linen and fresh flowers.

Private island tourPrivate day out

In our Mercedes limo van or Mercedes Minibus, with an English speaking chauffeur, you will be picked up from your accommodation. Have the opportunity to travel with an interactive and highly flexible schedule at a very relaxed pace, and are able to visit authentic places where larger bus tours simply can not reach. This private island tour will invigorate your senses, providing a fantastic opportunity to dig into the roots of the island’s culture. You’ll meet local residents while enjoying off the beaten track scenery and the hidden treasures of Zakynthos. In a very friendly and laid back style, your bus driver will share beautiful stories from Zakynthos. We guarantee you the best holiday tour – so good that it will be the crown on your stay in Zakynthos!

Life is a beachPrivate day out

In a luxury minibus with an English speaking chauffeur, you will be picked up from your accommodation. We offer a day out for those of you who want to explore different type of beaches on Zakynthos. It’s also possible to start later in the afternoon and combine this beach tour with a sunset on the West Coast. You can choose from the following beaches: Azzuro Beach – Banana Beach – Gerakas – Limnionas – Porto Roxa – Porto Vromi – Xigia – Makris Gialos. We will go out of our way by creating a personal programme tailored to the needs for a solo booking or special groups.

The excursion days:

You can choose your preferred date.

The excursion prices:

Ask us for a quote and let us surprise you with our very affordable prices.

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  • Gina K.
    April 10, 2018 at 11:06

    Great tour company with excellent service and friendly atmosphere. It’s like “belonging” to a family! Whatever the tour whether by cruise or coach I am sure you’ll enjoy both! They really “reach” out to you and take care that you remain happy throughout the day! No overtiring activities, everything is just “right”! Their stops and visits are chosen with extreme care so that you’ll enjoy them. This company does not follow bulk tourist destinations. Tourism at its best!

    Tour program
    Tour guiding
    Value for money
  • Mark K
    June 3, 2017 at 17:52

    Mariska organised for us at very late notice a wonderful tour of Zakynthos Island which included an exclusive trip around the island by air conditioned tourer and an exclusive trip by speedboat.
    Takis was our tour guide for the day and he was absolutely fantastic. He was friendly, and very passionate about showing off the island he lived on. He picked us up from our suite at 08:00am and we drove to Agios Nikolaos harbour visiting several locations on the way. Our boat was waiting for us and our skipper for the day Tassos was just great.
    We sped off to Shipwreck Bay so we could miss all the other tourists, when we got to the shipwreck there was just the two of us on the beach, it was great it really was. We then got back onto the boat and went back around the coast at a more leisurely pace to take in the scenery and visit to the Blue Caves and a swim in the ultra-blue water. All again just two of us, which made the trip fantastic.
    The boat dropped us off back at Agios Nikolaos harbour and we then stopped off for coffee before continuing our tour by car. Takis took us everywhere, sightseeing, lunch, local markets, olive factory and much more and during the drive Takis was constantly stopping to explain history, or even just to tell us a funny story.
    We drove down to Laganas bay where the boat picked us up again and we went out to see turtles, unbelievable! We then took in some more coastline before finishing off with a cold beer.
    Takis then took us back to the suite at about 18:30pm after the most amazing day. We then back to our apartment exhausted but so glad that we had booked the tour. Later that evening at dinner the hotel manager came up to us with an envelope! It was from Takis. He came back to the suite later that evening to drop off a memory card with all the days photos on! What a lovely man he was.
    The next day walking through Tsilivi Takis rode passed us on his bike! He stopped and shook my hand and gave my partner a hug and asked if we got the photos OK? Just a really genuine nice guy.
    I can’t thank Nefis enough for a lovely day, and my thanks to Takis for being, well being him!

    Tour program
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    Value for money

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nefis Travel

Zakynthos Zante

Will you pick me up from my holiday resort?

Yes, we have pick up transfers from nearly all the Zakynthos resorts but please keep in mind that South Vassilkos and the Harbour of Keri are remote areas in Zakynthos. We will do our very best to give you the pickup service transfer with a small extra cost, but we do ask cooperation in being flexible with the days and cannot guarantee a pick up from these areas.

Can I participate in the VIP tours, with my rental car?

You can join our boat trips with your rental car. You can book tickets by email or through our booking form and meet us at the port where we will board our Shipwreck and Blue Caves tour and the Turtle Spotting tour. In this way you have the freedom of your own transport and you will enjoy arriving at the Shipwreck bay before the crowds, see the turtles in an eco-friendly way and help the turtles in their fight for survival.

How do I book a tour?

You can book your tours by email, Whats App or at our Nefis Travel Zakynthos facebook page by personal messages. Jackie and Mariska will answer you on a 24-7 basis. You can also use our website’s booking form (you can find it on each tour’s informational page) to send a booking request for your desired tour and date.

How can I pay?

You can pay upon arrival at the ticket delivery service on your arrival day, one of our team members will come to your holiday address to take care of it all. You can pay by Credit Card in the offices in Tsilivi or by signing an Authorized Credit Card form. If you have an IBAN number then you can also easily pay into our bank account. If you pay by Credit Card or bank account, we will send the tickets to you by email with the explanation of where the pick-up point for the tours will be. The choice is yours.

Are the tours child friendly and what is considered child age?

Our child age is normally 12 years but can be flexible if families are travelling with teenagers. We have very child friendly tours:
On our VIP "Once upon a time" tour the children and young at heart will step back in time and by interactive stories will enter the world of Aesop and his enchanting and inspiring stories. They will learn a little Greek poem and while we sit around the camp fire singing songs, you might drift away to your own childhood memories…
On our VIP Eco-friendly turtle spotting tour, we will have a presentation from the Sea Protection Society Archelon where the children will learn about the high endangered Caretta - Caretta Turtles and in a pirate game they will also learn a few facts about Odysseus while looking for the treasure.
At our VIP "Back to the roots" tour they will hear a few nice short Greek mythology stories and see and learn how Zakynthian olive oil and local sweet are made. They can sing along with the live music over lunch and the tour has many stops, what means that they will be out and about and entertaint the whole day. Many of our little Nefis friends have send us beautiful drawings, from this unique tour afterwards.
At our VIP Shipwreck and Blue Caves tour the children might see dolphins or our Monachus Monachus seals and get guided with nice stories about Zante. On certain days they will be able to enter a pirate game at the Smugglers Cove, please do ask about this opportunity! Our family tours are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder, and enrich understanding.

Nefis Travel

Zakynthos Zante

How do I receive a 10% discount?

If you book over the internet, you will automatically get a 10% discount.

Do you have early bird discounts or group discounts?

With our 10% internet discount we reward all the early birds, but we also offer tailor-made extra discounts for groups and multiple bookings.

Is lunch included on the tours? May I bring a lunch box?

Lunch is NOT INCLUDED on any of the Nefis Travel tours, but our dear Nefis Travel guests are more than welcome to bring their lunch boxes on the tours. The tavernas that we work with are informed about this extra service at Nefis Travel and you are even allowed to bring your lunch boxes into the tavernas used on the tours.

How can i contact Nefis Travel?

You can contact us by phone (+30 2695048004, +30 6984534687, +30 6975765741) or email ( or through our website's contact form. You can also reach us by sending a message via Facebook or Whats App.

What happens if the sea conditions are not okay for a tour?

We at Nefis Travel provide the highest level of customer service given on the island. If the weather reports are bad, we will cancel the tours and give you a refund.
If the weather shows a 50-50 situation, we will phone you on your mobiles or at the hotels before the tour starts and tell you that we might have to use an alternative program. This only happens on the Shipwreck and Blue Caves tours. The east coast of the island as in Blue Caves and Xingia Sea Spa and the west coast as in Shipwreck beach is possible to have 2 totally different sea conditions.
Our captains will check the situation early in the morning and if we see that the Blue Caves and Xingia Spa, east coast are okay but around cape Skinari on our way to the west coast, the sea doesn’t allow us to go to the Shipwreck beach, we will create Plan B:
Plan B: We will go to the Shipwreck platform by bus so you'll see the Shipwreck from above and we will offer extra time at the Blue Caves for pictures and swimming, and go to the Xingia Sea Spa after our lunch stop. We will tell you honestly what the situation is and leave the choice to you. You can swap your trip around and go on another day, take a refund or decide to come.
From our experience those who came on these few rare days that this happens in the summer, still had a great day out. And as we said it is a 50-50 situation sometimes the wind drops, while we drive to the harbor and we can still sail to the Shipwreck beach. We at Nefis Travel just want to be as straight forward about as we can be and will always be honest about the weather conditions.

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