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Tsilivi - Planos, Zakynthos, Greece

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Active & Creative Holidays in Zakynthos Zante

Active & Creative Holidays

Explore your talents in Zakynthos Zante island

Discover another side of Zakynthos Zante island and create memories that will last a lifetime

In ancient times, Zakynthos been visited many times by the goddess Artemis and her twin brother Apollo. Artemis enjoyed the green mountains, while Apollo with its lyre, created magical sounds, and enchanted and inspired Zante. That inspiration is still felt by many Zakynthian and foreigner artists whom provide a long list of famous names, for what the Zakynthians with their artistic nature are rightly very proud of.

Homer named the island Ilieassa (green beloved forested). By the Venetians who were present here for three centuries, the island was renamed Zante “the flower of the East”. For thousands of years, Zakynthos was loved by the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. Today Zakynthos is a popular destination for people from all over the world. Nobody will ever forget the natural beauty, delicious local cuisine, music, theatre, and above all the hospitality of the Zakynthians.

The flora and fauna, along with a fascinating history and culture, makes for a perfect creative holiday filled with painting, writing, dancing, theatre and many other creative exploring. Nefis Travel works on a close range with a lot of passionate professional in these fields. Off the main roads and out of the tourist resorts, you will discover another side of Zakynthos; filled with olive groves, vineyards, orange trees, lemon trees, and clear country air mixed with the enchanting scents of pine and wild herbs. There are also many workshops held in Zakynthos – you can follow workshops for ceramics, drawing, theatre, music and even poetry.

Nefis Travel can help you with creating a nice holiday for solo and group bookings, all year round and also with starting point Athens, for a combined holiday to get inspired by the many Archaeological treasures in the Peloponnese before arriving in enchanting Zakynthos.


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