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Tsilivi - Planos, Zakynthos, Greece

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Filotimo to the max on the “Back to the roots” island tour

Filotimo to the max on the “Back to the roots” island tour

Filotimo or philotimo is a Greek noun comprising of the words philo (verb translated as “to like” or noun translating as “friend”) and timo (verb translating as “to honor”). It is hard to explain, impossible to translate in one word in any other language and so commonly used among Greeks that it is somehow believed that you are actually born with it and must stand up for it all your life. And just because filotimo represents a way of life for Greeks it includes ideas and virtues such as honor, justice, courage, dignity, pride, self sacrifice, respect, freedom, gratitude and hospitality. In the past year Philhellene German Health Ministry executive, Andreas Deffner, published his book about Greece, its people, customs and the crisis plaguing the country entitled, Filotimo. In his attempt to explain the deepest meaning of the hard-to-translate word, Deffner used the simplified and humorous recipe, “Two or three positive thoughts, a liter of joy of life, 500 grams of hospitality, a whole ripe friendship, ten drops of helpfulness, a little pride, dignity and sense of duty”. Philosopher Thales of Miletus also said that philotimo to the Greek is like breathing. Filotimo is considered to be the highest of all virtues among Greeks and is particularly praised when adversities and misbehavior occur. It defines behavior within the family and society. Learning to live with filotimo begins at an early age when children learn to show respect and love for their parents and grandparents. Growing up, one begins to feel pride for their country and ancestry, helps friends with their problems and acts out of generosity without expecting anything in return. Being equal with others and respecting them is the key to realizing what filotimo means.


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