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Zakynthos information:

 The Jewel in the Ionian Sea, Zante  is an island that dreams  are made of. A Holiday island of jasmine, serenades and poets. With breathtaking green hills, slopes full of wild flowers, lemon and orange trees, olive groves, vineyards and long white beaches and all framed by a crystal clear blue sea. With undiscovered spots and traditional authentic villages, the Caretta Caretta sea turtles, the Monachus Monachus seals  and with a sunny Zante holiday climate. Zakynthos hosts the Zante Higlights,  the  enchanting  Blue Caves and the famous ship wreck beach, for tips about  Zakynthos and  Zakynthos information, the shipwreck  is also  this year ranked   in the top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world! And during the excursion VIP Ship Wreck and Blue caves tour, you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the famous shipwreck beach without mass tourism.  You will be the  first one of the day to put your footprints in the sand of the ShipWreck Beach and leave in time before, the hundreds of tourists are  flocking  on to “your” beach!  You can also participate with your rental car, scooter or quad on  this unique  Zakynthos Boat trip.

Zakynthos  information:

Zakynthos, also known as Zante, the southern most of the lonian islands, owes its name to the son of Dardanos, the king of Troy, who according to myth built the first city here. References to Zakynthos date as far back as “The Iliad” and many theater artists and poets over time have fallen under the island’s spell. The Venetians baptized the holiday island to the name  Zante “the flower island of the Eastwind”, while Dionysios Solomos, the Greek National Poet, wrote  the Greek national anthem at the forest  hill of Lofos Strani, above zante town. This historical place is part of  VIP Excursion ‘Once upon a Time’, where we get acquainted with the Zakynthian folk theater in the enchanting  Amphitheater   of folk storyteller Dimitris Avouries.

Zante Tip:

at Lofos Strani you can find a very interesting traditional perfume factory, with perfumes that have been famous from the times  of the Venetian Aristocrats.

Today, the island of Zante, Zakynthos remains a popular destination for people from all over the world. No one who has visited here can forget the blue and emerald green hues of the seas, the pine-studded mountains, or the beautiful local food, music,  the locals and their Zakynthian hospitality.  Zakynthos is the third largest of the Ionian Islands and is popular with tourists in the summer months for its fantastic selection of sandy Zante  beaches and rocky coves. There is a great selection of white sand beaches in Zante – the most famous of which being Shipwreck Bay. For your Zakynthos information, Shipwreck bay can be viewed from above during our Nefis Travel Zakynthos ‘Back to the Roots’ island Tour or you can actually swim at Shipwreck Beach during our VIP Shipwreck Bay and Blue Caves trip. The Blue Caves are another of Zante’s most famous sites and definitely a Zakynthos holiday highlight.

For many, Zante is a particularly special Greek island because it is the main natural habitat for the Caretta- Caretta Loggerhead Turtle in the Mediterranean. The National Marine Park of Zakynthos works hard to protect their natural habitat here in Zakynthos and we support their efforts throughout the summer. The Nefis Travel Eco-friendly turtle spotting trip is the very best way to see the turtles here in Zante in their natural habitat; we work alongside with the Sea protection society Archelon.

And  At the same time during the turtle spotting trip you will have the chance to see the beautiful Turtle Island and stunning turquoise blue waters at the Keri Caves.

Zakynthos tip:

 The caretta- caretta turtles arrive every year from beginning of May until the end of September. The best month to see many turtles is June, but sometimes we are lucky to see the turtles  in the month of October  as well.     

The main town in Zakynthos, known as Zante Town, is made up of spacious squares to wander around, a charming harbour, and many little boutique shops and cheerful houses. There are a number of museums in Zante Town as well for those who would like to learn more about the history of this fascinating Greek island.  Zakynthos tip: The Museum of Post-Byzantine Art in Solomos Square contains stunning treasures and works of  art salvaged from the island’s historic churches.

Zante information:

 There are many smaller towns and authentic  villages in Zakynthos to explore during your holiday in Zante. Many of the  authentic villages  you can find at the Riza villages at the foor of Mount Vrachionas. However, if you are keen to see some truly traditional Greek island villages, you can take part in a Nefis Travel ZakynthosBack to the Roots’ island  tour which passes through a number of beautiful Zante authentic  villages.  We even get serenaded over lunch by local music at the most breathtaking panoramic view at Kampi. The ‘Back to the Roots’ island  trip is the best way to see the real hidden treasures of Zakynthos island during your holiday in Zante.

Zante tip:

Giri is the highest up and oldest village of Zakynthos

Zante  information on the geographic location:                                                                                                

The Ionian islands, also called Eptanissa are  west of the Greek mainland.  Eptanissa means seven islands, from which Zante is the third in size. Due to the geographic location makes it a very popular holiday destination. Zakynthos is located west to the mainland of Greece what allows Nefis travel Zakynthos,  very easily  to create  VIP tours outside of Zante. You can go island-hopping on an island tour  to Kefalonia, where you  will see  Ithaca, the kingdom of Odysseus, as well. Or a daytrip to the mainland of Greece to discover Olympia, where the Ancient  Olympic games  started. Even a day trip to the capital of Greece, the enchanting city of Athens can be on your travel list, while on holiday in Zakynthos.

Because of all these listed facts, we introduced with pride our home, the beautiful island Zakynthos also known as Zante! We hope to open your heart to beautiful Greece, a country with so much to offer but also has been spoken about so many times in the news in the last years. But let’s go back to the essence why the 12 gods of Olympus have chosen this country as their home. Greece is beautiful! Many people feel it as a kind of coming home, as soon as they step off the plane. Many have lost their hearts to the colors and smells, the authentic spirit, the wealth of history, the richness of its nature and natural spa’s,  but above all the Greek and in this case the Zakynthian hospitality.

May we welcome you to the Pearl of the Ionian Sea… Zakynthos