The VIP ‘yes I do’ wedding proposal, with our 100% success rate!  Is a winner among those who are looking for a surprise for their beloved once while on Holiday on Zakynthos.

Imagine, for months or maybe years you have been thinking of making the most romantic marriage proposal, your prayers have now been answered! Nefis Travel Zakynthos have created the following for you and your loved one. In a luxury minibus with chauffeur, you will drive to an idyllic harbour town where a captain will be waiting for you to board a private speedboat. You will cruise to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Shipwreck beach of Zakynthos. Once the tourists arrive on “your beach”, the captain will whisk you off to your own blue lagoon. It is here on the white beach that you will open your picnic basket which holds the champagne that you will sip whilst watching the most enchanting blue sea and ask that important question “will you marry me”?

Or … maybe you have a more active approach and you prefer to go on horseback, exploring the beautiful olive groves to a picturesque church where a table is reserved for you with delicious Zakynthian food. From this church you have an enchanting view, where you will instantly fall in love!  And will wait for the important words, “Yes, I will”.



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 11 reviews
by Andrew Hawthorne on Blank Business Name
Words can't describe, how good Nefis Travel are!

Words can't describe, how good Nefis Travel are!I have never written a review before, however I couldn't let this go unsaid as truly one of the best travel/tour companies for service I've ever experienced. Nefis Travel helped me in planning the perfect day to propose to my then girlfriend. From the upfront planning and communication to the night before face to face meeting, I couldn't have asked for more. The day itself was one of the most memorable days I've ever had. Takis arrived promptly at 8:20am at our hotel reception to pick us up for what my girlfriend believed to be a group tour of the Blue Caves and Shipwreck beach. Once we got into the lovely car, Takis talked us through what the day would consist of, pointing out on the map where we would be going and what we would see. So we headed off, towards the marina, while Takis was giving us commentary on the history of the island and highlighting points of interest. When we got to the marina there was no big tour boat, like my girlfriend had envisioned but a private speed boat just for the two of us! Off we set on the speedboat, to shipwreck beach. Once there Takis told us to go have a look around. While out of sight he set out Champagne and flowers ready for me to ask the question. Fortunately she said yes!! We had the entire beach to ourselves and everything was going to plan. However Aine soon realised she wasn't wearing the ring anymore... The sand on shipwreck beach is what makes it so lovely, however also makes it very difficult to find a lost engagement ring! We search for 45 minutes, the sand was so fine the ring was gone. Takis went above and beyond in helping us trying to find the ring. He called local fishermen to use there nets and trawl the beach. We eventually found it and there was a great sense of relief and tears all round 🙂 So off we went again on the boat to see the blue caves and back to the marina to have lunch with the most stunning scenery. I really can't thank Takis enough, even if we didn't lose the ring, the service we received was next to none!! I can't recommend Nefis travel more, and my Fiancée had an amazing time, one of the best days of our lives.

by Matthew Morcos & Elizabeth on Blank Business Name
Our proposal day was a life changing experience

Our proposal day was a life changing experience. The Nefis team allowed for the most memorable experience of our lifetime. They are professionals in the service they provide and should pride themselves on this. They knew exactly how to plan the day and we were able to plan the details of the whole day through email. They were so helpful. We were so happy with the tour we are thinking to come back again to Zakynthos. And do another similar tour with them because we miss the island and the experience! They take care of you and make you feel so special. Really made us understand the meaning of a quality service. Would recommend to everyone thinking proposing to their special one. They definitely know how to create the surprise factor also! They know the island like the back of their hand, take their advice and just go with it! Once again, thank you so much Jackie and your driver- Guide Taki is the best, don’t let him go! Greetings Matthew

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Frequently asked questions asked about our Tours and Service:


Will you pick me up from my Holiday resort?

Yes we have pick up transfers from all the Zakynthos resorts but please keep in mind that South Vassilkos and the Harbour of Keri are remote areas in Zakynthos. We will do our very best to give you the pickup service transfer but we do ask cooperation in being flexible with the days.

Can I participate in the VIP tours, with my rental car?

You can join our boat trips with your rental car. You can book tickets by mail and meet us at  the port where we will board our ship wreck & blue caves tour and the turtle tour. In this way you have the freedom of your own transport and you will enjoy arriving at the ship wreck bay for the crowds, see the turtles in an eco-friendly matter  and help the turtles in their fight for survival.

How do I book a tour?

You can book your tours by email, what’s App or at our Nefis – Travel Zakynthos FB page by personal messages. Jackie and Mariska will answer you on a 24-7 basis.

How can I pay?

You can pay upon arrival at the ticket delivery service on your arrival day, one of our team members will come to your holiday address to take care of it all.

You can pay by Credit cards in the offices in Tsilivi or by signing an Authorized Credit card form.

If you have an IBAN number then you can also easily pay into our bank Account.

If you pay by Credit Card or bank account, we will send the tickets to you by email with the explanation of where the pick-up point for the tours will be.

The choice is yours.

How do I receive a 10% discount?

If you book over the internet , you will automatically get a 10% discount.

Do you have early bird discounts or group discounts?

With our 10% internet discount we reward all the early birds, but we also offer tailor-made extra discounts for groups and multiple bookings.

Are the tours child friendly and what is considered child age?

Our child age is normally 12 years but can be flexible if families are travelling with teenagers.

We have very child friendly tours:

Traveling as a family is important to family bonding, and will create memories that will live with you for very long. Travel should be life changing, eye opening, exciting – and engaging for all ages…

On our VIP ‘Once upon a time’ the children and young at heart will step back in time and by interactive stories will enter the world of Aesop and his enchanting  and inspiring stories. They will learn a little Greek poem and while we sit around the camp fire singing songs, you might drift away to your own childhood memories…

On our VIP eco-friendly turtle tours, we will have a presentation from the Sea protection Society Archelon where the children will learn about the high endangered Caretta- Caretta Turtles and in a pirate game the will also learn a few facts about Odysseus while looking for the treasure.

At our ‘ back to the roots  ‘  island tour they will hear  a few nice short Greek mythology stories and see and learn how Zakynthian  olive oil and local sweet are made. The can sing along with the live music over lunch and the tour has many stops, what means that they will be out and about and entertaint the whole day. Many of our little Nefis friends have  send us beautiful drawings, from this unique tour afterwards.

At our shipwreck and Blue cave tour the children might see dolphins or our Monachus monachus seals and  get guided with nice stories about Zante. On certain days they will be able to enter a pirate game at the Smugglers Cove, please do ask about this opportunity!

Our family tours are  designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder, and enrich understanding.

What if the sea conditions are not okay, will you cancel the tour or do I get a refund?

We at Nefis Travel provide the highest level of customer service given on the island.

If the weather reports are bad, we will cancel the tours and you give a refund.

If the weather shows a 50-50 situation, we will phone you on your mobiles or at the hotels before the tour starts and tell you that we might have to use an alternative program. This only happens on the shipwreck and blue caves tours. The east coast of the island as in Blue caves and Xingia Sea Spa and the west coast as in shipwreck beach is possible to have 2 totally different sea conditions.

Our captains will check the situation early in the morning and if we see that the Blue caves and Xingia Spa, east coast are okay but around cape skinari on our way to the west coast,   the sea doesn’t allow us to go to the Shipwreck beach, we will create plan B:

Plan B; Go to the Shipwreck platform by bus so you see the shipwreck from above and we will offer extra time at the Blue caves for pictures and swimming, go to the Xingia sea spa after our lunch stop. We will tell you honestly what the situation is and leave the choice to you. You can swop your trip around and go on another day, take a refund or decide to come.

From our experience those who came on these few rare days that this happens in the summer, still had a great day out. And as we said it is a 50-50 situation sometimes the wind drops, while we drive to the harbor and we can still sail to the Shipwreck beach. We at Nefis Travel just want to be as straight forward about as we can be and will always be honest about the weather conditions.

Is lunch included on the tours? May I bring a lunch box?

Lunch is NOT INCLUDED on any of the Nefis Travel tours, but our dear Nefis Travel guests are more than welcome to bring their lunch boxes on the tours. The tavernas that we work with are informed about this extra service at Nefis travel and you are even allowed to bring your lunch boxes into the tavernas used on the tours.