The Zakynthos island tour by bus excursion VIP ‘Back to the Roots’ is a truly unique trip. During this Zante island tour – excursion we journey off the beaten track  to the most traditional villages on the island, completely away from mass tourism, and largely untouched by time. You will have the opportunity to see real ‘Greek Islandvillages and experience day-to-day life in rural Zante. Of course, the view of Shipwreck Bay from above is another highlight of this excursionBack to the Roots’ Zakynthos island tour.We travel in a minibus in small groups, giving you the opportunity to interact with your guide, Jackie Boots-Glavas. Jackie will tell stories as you travel around the authentic Zakynthos villages and the intimate nature of the Zakynthos island trip allows for plenty of question and answer opportunities. You will be sure to learn a thing of two about Greek culture, history, traditions and mythology – Jackie’s personal specialties.The ‘Back to the Roots’ Zakynthos island trip, is a very interactive and flexible experience with freedom to explore and enjoy at your own pace.This Nefis Travel Zakynthos island tour, starts from your resort, where the minibus will pick you up as arranged. We will make our first stop on this Zakynthos island excursion, in the charming village of Tragaki. Tragaki is characterized by white-washed stone walls and sweeping country views. Here we stroll through the village streets and get a feel for the laid back Greek way of life. There is the chance to meet some of the Zakynthos locals at the oldest supermarket – come – coffeehouse in Zakynthos. This quaint pre-earthquake building is extremely traditional and a favorite Zakynthos photo for our photographers in our group.

Back on board the Nefis Travel mini-bus island tour, we will first continue our journey down the valley, set amongst beautiful vineyards, before the Nefis Travel Zakynthos island tour ‘Back to the Roots’ will move deeper into the mountains of Zakynthos – taking in majestic views of the Ionian Sea along the way. We will stop at one of the most hidden jewel of Zakynthos, a village with its own olive mill museum, where we will have time to sit back for a nice Greek coffee while the locals are passing by, who will be very eager to talk to you. Nobody can resist a visit to the enchanting little local supermarket from Grandpa Nionios where we can meet the Zakynthian hospitality! Having taken in the authentic Zakynthos island atmosphere, we now make our way on our Zante island trip by bus to a picturesque traditional Greek roadside market where you will enjoy your free Greek snacks and wine-tasting: A slice of village bread, dipped in olive oil, with olives, oregano and local Zakynthian cheese called Lado-tiri you have the chance to try and buy some local products including:  honey, oils, sweets, hand-made carpets and tapestries.Moving on from the village market, we drive towards the spectacular view of Shipwreck Cove. This is every keen photographer’s highlight of the Zakynthos island tour by bus and one of the most famous sites in Greece. Everyone is enchanted by the amazing array of blue colors in the waters around Smugglers Bay. Here Jackie explains the intriguing story of the Zakynthos Shipwreck – a fascinating tale.The ‘Back to the Roots’ trip also includes a stop at the monastery of Saint George. We meet with the only priest living there, Theodosies, who explains some interesting facts about the Orthodox Church.

Our next destination on our unique Zante island tour is Kampi. Kampi located high along theZakynthian white cliffs lends itself to the most breathtaking, panoramic sea views in all of Greece. Here you can enjoy delicious home-made Zakynthian meals while being serenaded by guitarist Nico and your guide Jackie! The uplifting sounds of traditional Zakynthian folksongs are always a highlight of the ‘Back to the Roots’ Zakynthos  island tour!After a fantastic meal and beautiful music, we will leave Kampi around siesta time, a good opportunity to sit back and relax on the mini-bus at the Nefis Travel Zakynthos excursion ‘Back to the Roots’ island tour.

Off the beaten track views are stunning as we head towards the Southern part of the island, to the modern olive factory Aristeon, what means excellence in Greek, and the Ecological Olive Press certainly lives up to its name, complete with an olive oil museum, a tasting section and olive soap. We will have a tour with one of the olive oil experts who will reveal the history of olive making on the island press.This Nefis Travel Zakynthos island trip is our unique off the beaten track way to see much of the beautiful island of Zante – the Zakynthos top sites and the hidden treasures.Join us on a ‘Back to the Roots’ island tour in Zante and we guarantee you one of the most memorable days of your Zakynthos holiday!!!

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Zakynthos VIP tour shiwreck and blue caves








Frequently asked questions asked about our Tours and Service:

Will you pick me up from my Holiday resort?

Yes we have pick up transfers from all the Zakynthos resorts but please keep in mind that South Vassilkos and the Harbour of Keri are remote areas in Zakynthos. We will do our very best to give you the pickup service transfer but we do ask cooperation in being flexible with the days.

Can I participate in the VIP tours, with my rental car?

You can join our boat trips with your rental car. You can book tickets by mail and meet us at  the port where we will board our ship wreck & blue caves tour and the turtle tour. In this way you have the freedom of your own transport and you will enjoy arriving at the ship wreck bay for the crowds, see the turtles in an eco-friendly matter  and help the turtles in their fight for survival.

How do I book a tour?

You can book your tours by email, what’s App or at our Nefis – Travel Zakynthos FB page by personal messages. Jackie and Mariska will answer you on a 24-7 basis.

How can I pay?

You can pay upon arrival at the ticket delivery service on your arrival day, one of our team members will come to your holiday address to take care of it all.

You can pay by Credit cards in the offices in Tsilivi or by signing an Authorized Credit card form.

If you have an IBAN number then you can also easily pay into our bank Account.

If you pay by Credit Card or bank account, we will send the tickets to you by email with the explanation of where the pick-up point for the tours will be.

The choice is yours.

How do I receive a 10% discount?

If you book over the internet , you will automatically get a 10% discount.

Do you have early bird discounts or group discounts?

With our 10% internet discount we reward all the early birds, but we also offer tailor-made extra discounts for groups and multiple bookings.

Are the tours child friendly and what is considered child age?

Our child age is normally 12 years but can be flexible if families are travelling with teenagers.

We have very child friendly tours:

Traveling as a family is important to family bonding, and will create memories that will live with you for very long. Travel should be life changing, eye opening, exciting – and engaging for all ages…

On our VIP ‘Once upon a time’ the children and young at heart will step back in time and by interactive stories will enter the world of Aesop and his enchanting  and inspiring stories. They will learn a little Greek poem and while we sit around the camp fire singing songs, you might drift away to your own childhood memories…

On our VIP eco-friendly turtle tours, we will have a presentation from the Sea protection Society Archelon where the children will learn about the high endangered Caretta- Caretta Turtles and in a pirate game the will also learn a few facts about Odysseus while looking for the treasure.

At our ‘ back to the roots  ‘  island tour they will hear  a few nice short Greek mythology stories and see and learn how Zakynthian  olive oil and local sweet are made. The can sing along with the live music over lunch and the tour has many stops, what means that they will be out and about and entertaint the whole day. Many of our little Nefis friends have  send us beautiful drawings, from this unique tour afterwards.

At our shipwreck and Blue cave tour the children might see dolphins or our Monachus monachus seals and  get guided with nice stories about Zante. On certain days they will be able to enter a pirate game at the Smugglers Cove, please do ask about this opportunity!

Our family tours are  designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder, and enrich understanding.

What if the sea conditions are not okay, will you cancel the tour or do I get a refund?

We at Nefis Travel provide the highest level of customer service given on the island.

If the weather reports are bad, we will cancel the tours and you give a refund.

If the weather shows a 50-50 situation, we will phone you on your mobiles or at the hotels before the tour starts and tell you that we might have to use an alternative program. This only happens on the shipwreck and blue caves tours. The east coast of the island as in Blue caves and Xingia Sea Spa and the west coast as in shipwreck beach is possible to have 2 totally different sea conditions.

Our captains will check the situation early in the morning and if we see that the Blue caves and Xingia Spa, east coast are okay but around cape skinari on our way to the west coast,   the sea doesn’t allow us to go to the Shipwreck beach, we will create plan B:

Plan B; Go to the Shipwreck platform by bus so you see the shipwreck from above and we will offer extra time at the Blue caves for pictures and swimming, go to the Xingia sea spa after our lunch stop. We will tell you honestly what the situation is and leave the choice to you. You can swop your trip around and go on another day, take a refund or decide to come.

From our experience those who came on these few rare days that this happens in the summer, still had a great day out. And as we said it is a 50-50 situation sometimes the wind drops, while we drive to the harbor and we can still sail to the Shipwreck beach. We at Nefis Travel just want to be as straight forward about as we can be and will always be honest about the weather conditions.

Is lunch included on the tours? May I bring a lunch box?

Lunch is NOT INCLUDED on any of the Nefis Travel tours, but our dear Nefis Travel guests are more than welcome to bring their lunch boxes on the tours. The tavernas that we work with are informed about this extra service at Nefis travel and you are even allowed to bring your lunch boxes into the tavernas used on the tours.